Twin Cities Polish Festival August 8, 9, & 10, 2014

Twin Cities Polish Festival Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to the Twin Cities Polish Festival in Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to the Twin Cities Polish Festival!

The Twin Cities Polish Festival is a non-profit organization created to bring a world-class celebration of Polish culture and heritage to the Twin Cities. It also helps promote various community-service and Polish-American organizations.

The Twin Cities Polish Festival will immerse Minnesotans and visitors in “all things Polish”, presenting a kaleidoscope of unique cultural and educational displays, food and top-notch entertainment.

Bring a blanket, take a seat on the lawn along the Old Main Street in Minneapolis, visit with friends, watch outstanding musical and dance entertainment, enjoy traditional foods and beverages, and just simply have fun!

You’ll see for yourself why Poland has earned itself the reputation as one of the World’s most hospitable cultures.

Opening Night Music by Boogie Wonderland

It’s official! Minnesota’s favorite Disco Dance Rock and Roll Tribute band will be performing at 6 PM on Friday night, August 8 on the Polka Stage at the 2014 Twin Cities Polish Festival.

Boogie Wonderland play all your classic disco dance floor favorites from those great days of the seventies and early eighties… back in the good old days when trousers were flared, collars were wide and Saturday Night Fever was huge!

The band is made up of seasoned music industry pros, all with one thing in common – they love the funk! They aren’t a stuffy “function band” playing the same old corporate standards. Only the best soul/funk and disco is allowed in their set.

For more information about Boogie Wonderland, visit their website at:

Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema

The Twin Cities Polish Festival and The Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul in collaboration will present great Polish films, and will run concurrently with the Twin Cities Polish Festival August 8-10, 2014 as part of the Festival’s celebration of Polish culture and heritage. This year, the Festival is proud to offer Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema. Click here to learn more.

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Toruń, Poland hosted the Skyway International Light Festival recently

Limelight Productions accepted the challenge to create a videomapping which is not only included spectacular geometric elements moving around in 3D but rather a story. A story about the festival's theme: the five elements (earth, fire, air, water and aether (beyond the material world) and at the same time tell a story for the the festival audience (about 70.000 during the five days).

Limelight Productions created Helios - a vision of the heliocentric theory by Nicolaus Copernicus who was born in Toruń and who's the most famous citizen of the city. Starting back in his time when the generally accepted idea in science was that all the planets of the universe are turning around earth. From that point, Helios goes through the elements while the sun is always there having a key role in nature and this leads to the idea of the heliocentric theory in which the planets are turning around the sun and not the earth.

Concept and mapping by - Music written and produced by
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Przemyśl - Crossroads to the world

Przemyśl, located in south-eastern Poland, is the 2nd oldest community in Poland. Due to its geographical location, and area that connects mountains and lowlands, known as the Przemyśl Gate, provides the backdrop and has support a rich and diverse history and culture. Fertile arable lands and centuries old trade routes insured the city’s importance.

The cultural life of Przemyśl consists of many factors. Shaped both by a rich vibrant past, preserved in magnificent historical buildings (Kasimir castle, cathedral, churches, houses, city walls), cultural and ethnic diversity, have manifested into a rich artistic community, being a leader in European and global trends in art, and international interaction.

Documents and historical artifacts date Przemyśl to the 8th century. Throughout the city’s history, it has been subject to various governments/rulers as it is a highly sought after area, due to its geographical location, numerous trade/transit routes and the population makeup of its citizens. This rich backdrop allowed the city to develop a public library (1754) and became a center of Byzantine choral music, and is credited with being the home of the Ukrainian cultural awakening in the 19th century.

The WWII postwar territorial settlement decisions placed Przemyśl within Poland. The border only ran a few kilometers to the east of the city, and cut it off from much of its economic hinterland. And due to expulsion of Ukrainians (Operation Vistula) and the Nazi exterminations of Jews during the war, population levels fell to 24,000. Growth in the City was stunted and remained stagnant until the fall of the Soviet Union, and the border being reopened between Poland and the Ukraine, improving opportunities for trade.

Due to the long and rich history of the city, there are many sights in and around Przemyśl, of special interest to tourists, including the Old Town with Rynek, the main market square, the Muzeum Narodowe (National Muzeum, Muzeum Dzwonów i Fajek (Bells and Pipes), many churches, the Kasimir castle, Zasanie Synagogue, the Lubormirski Palace, Kopiec Tatarski (mound where Tatar khan is buried, etc.). Further information can be found at (9 photos)
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